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Here are a few ideas for you to consider as you pray about new ways to serve others. We'll be adding to this list regularly, so keep coming back for ideas.



  • Canvas your town or community to find out the needs and start a ministry to meet those needs.


  • Conduct a block party to introduce your church to your community.


  • Hand out water bottles with the church name and contact information on it during a marathon.

  • Offer marriage enrichment classes.

  • Offer divorce recovery classes.

  • Offer financial management classes.

  • Provide free car washes.

  • Offer free Christmas gift wrapping.

  • Sponsor a marathon.


  • Start a service ministry in your community and invite members of the community to participate.

    • Some possible activities include.

      • Addiction recovery classes.

      • Literacy training.

      • Crisis pregnancy.

      • Public policy advocacy.

      • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

      • Help men and women resume their lives after jail or prison.

      • Adopt children.

    • Some activities could involve lost members of the community as experts. This would provide witnessing opportunities while they are helping you meet needs. Such as:

      • Job training classes.

      • Animal training classes.

      • Cleaning up areas of your town or neighborhood.

      • Lawn care or other home maintenance services for the elderly.

      • Provide free medical or dental care.

      • Form a disaster relief ministry.

      • Assist shut-ins with grocery pick-ups.

      • Assist people with basic automobile maintenance.


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