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Here are a few ideas for you to consider as you pray about how to tell people about Jesus. We'll be adding to this list regularly, so keep coming back for more ideas. The MTSBC will be happy to connect you with people who are already involved in these ministries if that will be helpful.



  • Develop a follow-up ministry in your church to connect with people who have visited or attended one of your events. 


  • Provide evangelism training for your church. 


  • Carry gospel tracts with your church's name and contact information on them and leave them wherever you go. 


  • Begin an evangelistic Bible study in your home. Invite your friends and neighbors to attend. 


  • Disciple someone in evangelism.


  • Begin a gospel tract distribution ministry.

  • Hold a wild game dinner.

  • Hold a community Easter event.

  • Hold a Fall festival Holloween alternative.

  • Hold a community cook-out.

  • Conduct a sports camp.

  • Prayer-walk your community.

  • Canvas your Neighborhood to look for people seeking God.

  • Conduct a community information opportunity about being a Christian. 

  • Create a drama group in your church that can tell the gospel in different ways.


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